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Of Trigger Knight Extension

2012-04-15 13:47:40 by Mintsphere

For you who played our experimental game "Trigger Knight", first we would like to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" for your feedback, while we can't take it all, it really helped us on designing the Extension of the game.

Also, it's been quite a while, but we DO have an update in Trigger Princess (TriKni's extension) development :)
http://www.mintsphere.com/2012/04/15/trigger-ext end-04-were-still-alive/

We really hoping we can bring the game in the portal as quickly as possible, but there's so much things to do, huhu...


Oh, yeah, here's the illustration of Trigger Princess' Protagonist. We hope it piqued your interest :)

Of Trigger Knight Extension


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2012-04-16 18:35:45

sweet i think love trigger knight by way!


2012-10-01 17:44:53

Looking forward to it as a RPG lover myself!

Keep up the good work fellas!


2012-10-31 13:19:29

(swoon) Yaaa~ I love your artwork. They're all so beautiful and adorable.

The design for the Knight was perfect - Pigtails that aren't too Miku-like (I don't hate her but she's waaay too mainstream), and they don't make her look helpless yet she remained moe-looking (begging to be loved).

As for the Princess she's simply attractive beyond words. Usually blonde princesses are depicted as innocent damsels in distress but from what I'm seeing she looks like she's packed with a lot of courage and action.

Good work with Trigger Knight, by the way! Maybe you could even try a storyline sort of series, like 30 Half-Minute Hero!


2013-06-18 03:11:30

About Trigger Knight: great idea and good game, but too short


2015-07-21 12:26:35

So.. is this group dead? I tried clicking the link, but got a 404 message.. as well, I don't think Mintsphere has been active in anything for 3 years. It bites cause I've been looking forward to their next game